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Updated : April 15th, 2018 at 15h49

Bike trails conditions

Versant du Village
0 / 21 Opened trails
Versant du Lac
0 / 13 Opened trails
0 / 2 Opened Chairlifts
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Updated : April 23rd, 2018 at 10h03.

Weather report

Sunday, April 15: Come for the last tracks of the season ! Mother Nature didn’t make it easy for us with the colder temperatures over the last few days the base got firm. A few snowflakes might even show up before closing.

Weather report

Right now at the station
-2 °C Snow
This afternoon
3°C Windy and Overcast
This evening
4°C Dangerously Windy and Mostly Cloudy
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Modular station learning

The Modular station learning (Station d’apprentissage modulaire or SAM) zone is for beginners of all ages. It’s made up of snow features to practise basic techniques when learning to ski or snowboard.

This zone is located on the Ski School slope and allows beginners to practise with confidence as the modules are made of snow, which helps with braking and turning naturally and gently.

The zone has three features serving as a testing ground, focused primarily on the concept of intuition. Beginners can concentrate on technique while gliding intuitively.


1st step : Mini-pipe

In the shape of a half-pipe, this feature is adapted to improve balance and develop control when gliding.

2nd step : Rollers

Gentle waves enable skiers to naturally work on position while gliding and to control their speed.

3rd step : Banked turn

A series of safe banks to learn how to change direction and link turns.